Wordpress Development

Wordpress is a combination of content management system and open source website creation tool based on PHP and MySQL. It is generally uses the MYSQL and MariaDB database server. It also uses the SQLite database engine. It is developed by WordPress Foundation and realeased in 2003. Present it is the most powerful blogging and content management system.

We are able to find number of themes and plugIns in wordpress. So we install and Customize them according to the requirements. We can add additional styles to the customer file, also we are able to install third party PlugIns. By using all of this we can make the website more beautiful. Wordpress provides the hosting services also, we can host the website immediately.

We have three major component in WordPress core, themes, plugIns. "If there’s one cardinal rule in WordPress development, it’s this: Don’t touch WordPress core." Means you can't edit or add the core wordpress. About another two we mentioned below.

Wordpress PlugIn Development

Like above mentioned we can't change the core wordpress because when WordPress updates to a new version, it overwrites all the core files. So, if we want to add any functionality we will add it through the plugIns by using approves wordpress APIs.

PlugIns allows you to add simple or complex functionality without touching Core. We can add the functionality depending on what you want to do. WordPress plugins are made up of PHP code and other assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. By making og wordpress plugings we are extending the functionality i.e what WordPress already offers.

Wordpress Theme Development

Uploading themes and developing themes both are different. Uploading themes means uploading the themes which are offered by wordpress. But in developing a theme means create a unique look for your WordPress site with your own code by using templates, template tags, and the WordPress Loop.

In general we create new themes for client or submit to the WordPress Theme Directory. Mostly we develop wordpress theme for client project. In theme development we develop new and own the by using templates, template tags, and the WordPress Loop. And also we have to add clean, valid and structrued CSS, HTML and PHP.

WordPress Theme developing allows you to, separates the presentation styles and template files from the system files so the site will upgrade without drastic changes to the visual presentation of the site. And also customization of the site functionality unique to that Theme and quick changes of the visual design and layout of a WordPress site.