Magento Development

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP,
which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store.

Magento offers a broad range of e-commerce services such as development, design, hosting, testing, customization, support and maintenance. It's a powerful system, flexible, scalable and easy to customize.

Magento developers builds, supports and improves a Magento website. building and designing a Magento website requires web designers, Magento developers & others to fulfill all the necessary skills required.

Magento developer is simply a web develop with magento platform skills.

Magento Theme Development

Magento is highly secured with SEO ready,
currently we have two versions in magento: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise.

Magento Community is free and mostly supported and used in small businesses.
Magento Enterprise is paid platform for medium and large businesses.

A theme is a component of Magento application which provides a consistent look and feel for entire application area using a combination of custom templates, layouts, styles or images.
By default Magento has themes – Luma and Blank.Luma, as a demonstration theme, and Blank as a basis for custom theme creation

There are no restrictions on using the Luma theme for live store.But, if you want to customize the default design or if you need to create your own theme, Magento strongly recommends not to change or edit the default Luma and Blank theme files.because if you do edit the default files, your changes can be overwritten by the new version of the default files during upgrades.

Magento Extension Development

A Magento extension is a block of PHP code - a combine of functions, added into Magento to extend its functionality. This is allow you to add custom features and functionality to every area of your Magento store including the front end and back end, integrations with other web services, marketing tools, themes etc.

Magento also follow the same MVC framework like Joomla, CakePHP, however Magento stated clearly that Magento is a configuration-based MVC system.

Magento Extension Development is always the highest priority for any Magento development as well as Magento projects. The reasons are mostly the high demand of Magento customization for extensions, or the necessity to integrate the module into a current Magento project.

WooCommerce Development


The most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.

WooCommerce is a free and an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress.It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

it is capable of transforming an existing WordPress website into a high-performance e-commerce store. WooCommerce web development is a cost-effective approach to gain a well-supported and customizable digital sales platform.