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SPARKMINDS is a program conducted by Maganti IT Resources, through which young minds are trained and sculpted. Internships are provided to students to shape their career. We give immersive learning across entire software cycle to freshers and provide placements according to their interest and skillset.

Training Setp one Training Setp one


Provides a valuable insight and help you to choose a desired career path.

It is open and secured platform for people who seek live experience through Internship. We conduct seminars, workshops and interviews in colleges, from where we find skilled, interested and passionate people in Software/ IT Industry.


Creates a platform to share your interests and connect with people.

Through this program one can encounter people who have expertise in their respective fields and grasp knowledge from them. Also, you can come across with people having same mindset and seeking career in same platform. This experience creates a path to achieve career goal.

Meetup Process Meetup Process
Training Process Training Process

Identifies your passion and build a career path to achieve your goal.

Candidates will be trained with our senior employees and get opportunity to work on live projects once the training is completed. Also, we train experienced people who seek to learn new skills and work on new platforms.