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Operations & Maintenance

Information technology is key business enabler to support business growth for any sized company or for a government agency. The operations and maintenance need to be done in real time to be up to date and make sure there are no issues. As, the environment changes dynamically with upgrades and expansions, we ensure you to focus on your key business requirements while we manage your day to day IT operations with our solutions. Operations include administration and management of essential elements to effectively, efficiently, and proactively utilize technology, information, and data.

We offer below Operations & Maintenance

Maintenance of IT infrastructure

Key to business continuity, a process that is needed to sustain a business throughout its operational life cycle. The maintenance is vital as it consists of all the elements that support the operations and usability of data.

  • Server and database management
  • Network Management and monitoring
  • Storage and Backup Management
  • Security Management


This service helps tackle Operations & Maintenance of an organization on whole ensuring maximum efficiency. We provide single source for all the software applications in the portfolio. Our team knows where to look and what to do and can integrate separate applications into comprehensive work flows and make sure software works as promised.

  • Server and database management
  • Storage and Backup Management
  • Security Management


We do technical diagnosis on the issue and logical search on the source of the issue. We perform the following process to resolve the issue.

  • Identify what the issue.
  • Analyze the cause.
  • Correct the issue.
  • Recheck whether the issue is resolved.
  • Regular follow-up.

Configuration Management

This is used to have an understanding of the status of complex assets and ensure the serviceability at the lowest cost. Configuration management involves high degree of automation to achieve goals. With this it is easier to build in checks and redundancies, improving the potential for errors due to human error and the exactness for keeping assets in the desired state.

Server repair management

We help monitor the server and apps running on the server. We ensure service and repair processing with improved product visibility across the system and timely checks of status, uptime, and monitoring of any new or recurring issues. Our team will examine servers and find ways to increase performance to keep your customers delighted with your service whether you are at one location or multiple locations.